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Friday, January 06, 2006

No room in the Herald

At the suggestion of another blogger I submitted my piece entitled Little Room for Marx? about Andrew Little and his attutitude to Marx and trade unionism to the NZ Herald for publication in their "Perspectives" pages. I have just got off the phone with John Gardiner, the person who puts those pages together. He told me my piece would not be used because it "did not fit in". He said it was not of "general enough interest" to be published. He claimed to have more than enough submissions and my one "did not make the cut".
It is funny that over the last period the "Perspectives" pages have found room for overseas articles, reprinted from the Independent for example, along with a typically incoherent ramble from Mike Moore, which suggests to me a shortage rather than a surfeit of material.
Is this more a case of the inherent bias of corporate-owned media against radical anti-systemic ideas showing through?
For more on the systematic bias of the media in Britain see Media Lens

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G'day Len, have commented on this here: