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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Thanks from Air NZ worker

Hi Len,
Thanks for your support on the ANZES (Air NZ Engineering Services) issue. You're one of the few outsiders who can see this disgraceful situation for what it really is. I have attached a document to this email which shows the type of bullying we are expected to endure!
Kind Regards,
John Kooloos

You're welcome John,
You and your fellow workers are being subjected to unwarranted and uncalled-for pressure from all sides. The Government is acting disgracefully. Helen Clark's outburst is tantamount to 'scabbing' on your members' justified fight to retain hard-won conditions in the face of an employer determined to increase profitability at the expense of the workforce.
The Government was elected by a massive turnout of workers in the election. They should put the workers' interests first. As majority shareholder, they should step in and sack the present management if it will not back off from its plans to cut jobs and slash conditions in this vitally important industry.
Andrew Little of the Engineers Union, and even some of the AMEA union officials, are reluctant to put the government on the spot and would rather concede than fight. I still think industrial action based around an occupation of the workshops could mobilise support from the general public against the wanton economic vandalism being proposed by Air NZ.
Good luck and best wishes from myself and the Alliance Party.
Yours in solidarity,
Len Richards
Alliance Co-leader

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